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The head of GameCorps is Vera Frisch. She has studied Business Administration at the University of Applied Sciences in Regensburg (Germany, Bavaria) and has a Diploma (similar to Master Degree) with specialization in strategic management and marketing.

Vera got her start in the video games industry in 2008. Since then she has worked for publishers and developers in different positions, among them Gameforge, Travian Games and flaregames.

With experience and expertise in producing, project management, product management and marketing, Vera has contributed to a wide variety of titles for Browser, Social, Mobile and PC Games.

Between 2016-2017 Vera has been a guest lecturer and mentor in project and risk management at the Film Academy Baden-Wuerttemberg. More recently Vera is also a mentor in the Games Bavaria mentor programm for Marketing, project management and pitching.

Personal Milestones

Senior Producer

Travian Games
Game Director

Travian Publishing
Senior Producer


Online Marketing Manager


  • 2014: IND13 Interview

  • 2016: 4C:Kyiv Conference Talk - Anatomy of a modern Game Design Document

  • 2018: 4C:Prague Conference Talk - When Shit hits the fan you need a plan (Or: Dealing with your Publisher when the going gets rough)

  • Selection of Clients (Past & Present)


    »There are old pilots and there are adventurous pilots, but there are no old, adventurous pilots.«

    – Andr Kostolany –

    »I worked closely with Vera while I was Director of New Games at Travian Games. As a Game Director she is one of those rare and remarkable fusions of organizational, creative and people skills with a keen sense of both quality and business reality. Plus she invariably delivered under circumstances that were far from ideal, to understate matters.
    In nearly 25 years in the games industry, most of it in the United States working for companies like EA, Microsoft Corporation, Sony, Atari and others, I have not encountered a more capable Senior Project Manager than Vera Frisch. This is no exaggeration or platitude. For me it was a simple, obvious fact.
    On the lighter side I used to joke that Vera's dedication to budgets was much like that of someone running an NGO for famine relief. Although nobody dies if you go over budget on a game you'd never know it from Vera. I also used to joke that I would have to be immortal to live long enough to hear her say something that failed to make sense.
    And on top of that I always found Vera a pleasure to work with. She has a wonderful sense of humor yet never shies away from the truth. Intellectual honestly is often rare in this business despite the fact that it's also essential.«

    Jonathan Baron, Director New Games at Travian Games

    »I had the pleasure and privilege to work with Vera at Gameforge Productions for the first time, where she moved from marketing into my department and became the producer for one of our external studios. 2 years later I was more than happy to learn that Vera was once again in my team when I became the Head of Game Development at Travian Games in Munich. Vera has a wonderful combination of being highly knowledgeable, creative, focused and well organized, and her attention to detail is fantastic. Besides being a dedicated project manager who always gives her best in delivering in time, quality and budget, Vera also has a strong marketing background and always thinks ahead. In addition to that she is a very nice, helpful and decent person. Vera is absolutely straight and reliable and a great partner in any venture in the games business. I would always work with her again in any given team.«

    Ralf Adam, TigerTeam Productions

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