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Success cannot be predicted, failure on the other hand can.

Vera Frisch made it to her business to consult publishers and developers in the video games industry. Her mission is to keep potential risks during the development process transparent and at a minimum.

85% of all software development projects especially in the video games industry are getting sooner or later into trouble. The reasons are manifold - lacking project plans, permanent change requests, wrong team staffing, wrong technology or commercial pressure. Until the reasons become visible it is mostly too late and the impact is huge - the project becomes costlier, is too late or lacks in quality.

So, if you have a problem, if no one else can help, don't give up, be strong, be brave and hire the GameCorps.

Consulting for Video Game Publishers, Investors and Developers

They call me Viking...

You need an axe or a shield to get your game development project back on track?

With my experience and expertise in game production I can help you to oversee the complete game development cycle (internal & external). You will get a neutral and honest view on the progress of your development project. Identified project risks with mitigation actions will be communicated honestly to my clients.

The goal is to keep your investment transparent and get your video game shipped.


  • Running the production and overseeing the complete game development cycle.

  • Due Diligences and evaluation of teams, games and processes/methods.

  • Consulting and mentoring in project management.

  • Reporting and controlling of the project status.

  • Creation of Business Analysis.

  • Live Producing / Product Management, planning game features based on KPIs and Metrics.

  • Strategic Marketing Consulting

  • In addition, Vera has a variety of an international game development network which allows her to get in touch with specialists in all professions.

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